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  • Student

    I simply request prayers for guidance in applying to Regents University for an MA in Laws I have been a past member of the AME church and though I have not joined a church locally I have always considered myself one.
    Thank you for your prayers

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  • Johannan E. Kelly

    Please pray for Johannan E. Kelly. She went missing a couple of years ago. If you see her, please have her contact the friend she abandoned.

  • father n son help

    My dad is old school and set in his ways. He is a good man, but he refuses to believe that my four years older brother abused me for years. I carry possible PTSD because of this, but refuse to go back to doctors who prescribe heavy antipsychotics. He nitpicks every fault that I have, and even worse misinterprets some of my moral strengths as flaws. I’ve been isolated from my entire extended family for literally 20 years because my abuser is popular with them and they all think less of me. Why am I paying this price for something I had no control over as a child?

    Please pray that God open my beloved (honestly love and admire the man) father’s eyes to my burdens without breaking his heart.

  • Pastor and First Lady

    Please continue to Pray for Pastor and First Lady Health and bind any demonic attack against them, In the Name of Jesus!

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